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Do you really need a real estate agent?

All real estate agents are licensed professionals. Most sellers have a real estate agent working on their side of the deal (typically called a listing agent because they’re handling the listing), so it’s smart to have someone on your side, too. A buyer’s agent will have your back in negotiations and can help you understand how to make an offer on a home.

Whether you are selling or buying a property, without the proper knowledge and experience you might have a difficult time.

Property sellers usually want to maximise profit when selling their home, so it can be tempting to save on the cost of an agent. An agent typically charges commission plus extra fees to help sell your home, but this cost can be well worth it.

There’s a plethora of information today due to easy access to the internet. Because of this, many would argue that hiring a realtor is not necessary or even required at all.

However, that is not quite true. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a real estate agent that will probably change your mind.

Local property market knowledge

A quality real estate agent is engaged in their local market every day. Teaming up with a local agent gives you access to this insider knowledge, helping you market your property to current conditions and maximise profit – no matter the market.


Access to Listings

A real estate agent’s access to multiple listing services (MLS) is a major advantage for both buyers and sellers. The MLS is a database of properties for sale that is maintained by real estate professionals and is not accessible to the general public.

By having access to the MLS, real estate agents can provide their clients with up-to-date and comprehensive information on available properties. This can include detailed property descriptions, photos, and information on recent sales in the area.

Accurate pricing

Curious what your home is worth? You might start with a quick online price check from our free online tool here. This can give you a sense of price trends for your area and provide a preliminary estimate of value in under two minutes for free.

Elevated marketing

You won’t sell a home by merely listing it on websites and waiting for offers to come flooding in. Marketing is about getting exposure in the best places with the best angles. A real estate agent knows what listings buyers will be attracted to, gets the listing on the best websites, recognises and highlights a home’s stand-out qualities, positions home showings in the best light, and networks regularly about the house.

Paperwork & Legal Expertise

One of the top reasons to hire a real estate agent alone is the amount of paperwork! There tends to be a lot of paperwork when it comes to buying or selling a home. The purchase agreement alone is 10-20 pages at a minimum, plus all of the legal disclosures and addendums. Do you have the know-how to obtain and complete all of these documents.

If you’re wondering whether you need a Realtor to buy a home the short answer is no. You can certainly buy a house without one. But Selling a house requires a ton of work and challenges can arise no matter the market. Real estate agents provide a lot of the value they always have while offering new benefits, too. A Realtor can be a huge help in guiding you through the complicated buying process. So, before deciding whether or not to work with one when you buy a home, consider these pros and cons.

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